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1 1   K E N D R I C K  R O A D  R E A D I N G    

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TEL:  0118 920 7040

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We are happy to accept referrals either to a named consultant or not, as you wish.  



Referrals are accepted by:                 


Fax to 0118 9207041       or       Letter to 11 Kendrick Road, Reading, Berkshire. RG1 5DU

GP Referral Information

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Due to the nature of being in partnership, we offer a fully comprehensive service which covers all areas of urology.   All the consultants offer general urology however between them they also specialise in a number of more specialist areas including; prostate and bladder cancer (offering nerve sparing Da Vinci Robotic Surgery and Multiparametric MRI of the prostate), female urology (including the novel Uromune® Vaccine treatment for UTIs), urinary stone disease and its prevention, management and treatment of BPH - Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate (HoLEP), and  urological cancers.


Our consultants also offer a GP update service where we are happy to arrange a visit to your practice at your convenience to provide further information on any urological treatments or procedures for patients.


Please call 0118 9207040 if you have any queries.