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Haematuria or blood in the urine is taken very seriously by urologists as it can sometimes be the first sign of cancer within the urinary tract.  There are however many other types of non-serious causes of haematuria / blood in the urine, although all are worthy of investigation by a Consultant Uologist.


Blood in the urine can be split between blood that can actually be seen in the urine called 'visible haematuria' (VH) or non-visible haematuria (NVH)  i.e. it is only seen on a  dipstick test done by the doctor.












The risk of having an underlying cancer if you pass visible blood in the urine is almost as high as 1 in 4.  This ranges from kidney cancers to bladder cancers to prostate cancers or rarer types of cancers in the ureter.  There is an accepted protocol of investigations that are undertaken by Consultant Urologists to exclude these cancers which range between a variety of different scans and examinations.  Blood tests and urine tests are often also needed.


Our Consultant Urologists at The Urology Partnership specialise in the diagnosis, investigation, acute management and long-term prevention of recurrent UTIs. Working alongside our specialist nursing team they offer a comprehensive and dedicated service for men and women suffering from bladder infections.




Investigations that may be required are:


Initial consultation with a specialist consultant urological surgeon

Urodynamic flow assessment

Post micturition bladder volume scan assessment

Urine analysis

Urine microscopy and culture

Blood tests

Cytology urine tests to exclude cancer

Renal tract and abdominal ultrasound scan by Consultant Radiologist

Cystoscopic assessment of the bladder (Flexible Cystoscopy)


Many of these tests can be performed on the same day in our private consulting rooms at 11 Kendrick Road, Reading.



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Contact your GP and ask for referral to the Reading Urology Partnership


All consultations, investigations and treatments are covered by major insurance companies (depending on policy)


Self-funding initial consultation fee is £205.  Follow up fees are £165.  Consultation charges are exclusive of any tests and other investigations that the consultant may wish to carry out.