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1 1   K E N D R I C K  R O A D  R E A D I N G    

B E R K S H I R E    

R G 1   5 D U  

TEL:  0118 920 7040

1 0  H A R L E Y   S T R E E T



W 1 G   9 P F

Year Qualified: 1990 Guy’s Hospital Medical School, London


GMC number: 3330089


Memberships: MBBS FRCS(Urol)




Clinical Interests include:


Female urology particularly stress incontinence


Bladder dysfunction and spinal cord injury


Male incontinence (including following Prostate Cancer Surgery)


Interstitial Cystitis


Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections, UTIs






Clinic Times: Friday

Theatre: Tuesday


Medical Secretary:


Maxine Pearson 0118 920 7040

[email protected]



Academic Background:


After general surgical training in the Royal Air Force, Mr Steve Foley joined the Institute of Urology, London, to research and specialise in female urology, bladder dysfunction and spinal cord injury.


He was appointed as the lead specialist in female urology at the Royal Berkshire Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in January 2001.


Over the past decade Mr Foley has developed an extensive experience in all aspects of female urology especially incontinence, and has built up a wide range of surgical and non-surgical options to manage these sometimes very difficult problems. This is also the case with interstitial cystitis.





Mr Foley's clinics at Reading Urology offer a comprehensive diagnostic and investigative service for continence and general urology problems.  He works closely with the Physiotherapy Department at The Berkshire Independent Hospital and the Berkshire Continence Service.


Over the past 5 years Mr Foley has been one of the pioneers of the surgical management of male incontinence (particularly the 'Male Sling' - following prostate cancer surgery). This is proving to be highly effective in selected men. He is now one of the most experienced Surgeons in the UK with this type of operation, and regularly trains other UK Surgeons how to perform it.


He is Managing Partner of Reading Urology Private Practice Partnership which was formed in 2002.

Steve Foley has received national media attention for his pioneering work with female & male incontinence:


The Daily Mail articles:


The anti-wrinkle jab which is being used to stop incontinence


The simple jab helping women get over a wee problem..




Deflux™ Surgeon Testimonial

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Recent Developments:


During 2014-15 Mr Foley has been invited to lecture extensively.  He is a recognised world expert in female urology, lecturing in Australia, Argentina, USA and several lecturing posts in Europe on the topics of incontinence, painful bladder conditions and recurrent urinary tract infections.  He has been invited back to Australia this October 2015, to lecture on male incontinence.


He has held numerous teaching sessions in Berkshire on surgical techniques, attracting many overseas surgeons and is currently involved in several international research studies in the fields of incontinence and urinary tract infections.



Private Consultations:


Mr Steve Foley's clinics offer a comprehensive diagnostic and investigative service for any general urology problems, or specific incontinence concerns.  Please contact his private secretary to make arrangements for a consultation.



Private Secretary:


Maxine Pearson


Tel:  0118 920 7040

Email: [email protected]