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1 1   K E N D R I C K  R O A D  R E A D I N G    

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R G 1   5 D U  

TEL:  0118 920 7040

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Reading Urology Partnership comprises six consultants, each with his own particular field of excellence.


All consultants offer general urology services, but in an age of ever increasing complexity of modern medicine and surgery, each consultant concentrates on a specific area of urology to ensure delivery of first class care.


We deliver all our diagnostic and specialised procedures in our own purpose designed premises.

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With many years of clinical expertise between them, each consultant in the Partnership is an expert in their sub-specialist area.


All our consultants practise medicine to the highest standards while still offering a comprehensive general urology service.


We perform all our consultations, diagnostic and specialised procedures (excluding general anaesthetic operations) in a purpose designed setting, which has ample free parking, or is only a short taxi ride from Reading station

All six consultants hold substantive appointments at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust Hospital in Reading.


As a team of specialists our consultants believe that the best way to deliver quality is by moving from a single-handed approach towards multi-disciplinary care.


Reading Urology Partnership supports the strong belief that high quality urological care should be delivered by a team of complementary specialists to ensure a high level of clinical governance.

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All consultations and out-patient diagnostic services are performed in a purpose designed Edwardian property in the centre of Reading, in Kendrick Road. Click Here


All in-patient and day-case general anaesthetic theatre work is carried out at Circle Hospital Reading and Berkshire Independent Hospital.


Both of these Private Hospitals have an extensive range of medical and surgical services including modern well-equipped operating theatres.

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