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Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Vaccine

Recently the use of vaccine / immunostimulation in patients with recurrent infections has become more popular.  The science behind this won a Nobel Prize for medicine in 2010 and has been very popular on the continent although very few trials have been performed to date.  


At Reading the first randomised controlled trial in the use of vaccines for urinary tract infections is currently underway.  It is a two-year trial so we await those results.


UTIs are one of the most common infections worldwide.  Whilst mainly affecting women, there are still significant numbers of men who experience recurrent UTIs despite conventional management, a normal urinary tract and no underlying pathology.









Patients often rely on repeated and prolonged courses of antibiotics, in particular in prostatitis where current international guidelines recommend 2-4 weeks of antibiotic treatment.  However with the alarming rise of antibiotic resistance worldwide, descried as one of the biggest risks to global health in our lifetime, and with the World Health Organisation triggering a Global Action Plan to combat antibiotic resistance, there is a pressing need to find viable alternatives.


The Urology Partnership are proud to have presented and published nationally and internationally on the first experience in the United Kingdom of the UTI vaccine Uromune® in preliminary cohorts of both men and women with recurrent UTIs that have failed mainstream managements including antibiotic prophylaxis.


The UTI vaccine is a sublingual immunomodulator, currently pre-licence in the phase III development stage.  


Our conclusions from preliminary results of these patients suggest that the vaccine is both effective and safe in UK men and women with recurrent UTIs, suggesting it may offer a potentially viable alternative to antibiotic prophylaxis.  We have recently had a paper accepted in the British Journal of Urology International (BJUI)  following our successful study, please click this link for the scientific PubMed reference.


This is a new exciting treatment and we are very happy to discuss any questions you may have regarding the UTI vaccine, just give us a call or send us an email on [email protected] Uromune®



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Self-funding initial consultation fee is £205. Follow up fees are £165.  Consultation charges are exclusive of any tests and other investigations that the consultant may wish to carry out.

Success of Uromune

Success of Uromune® and number of further infections following vaccination with Uromune® treatment.




BJU Int. 2017 Nov 23.  First experience in the UK of treating women with recurrent urinary tract infections with the bacterial vaccine Uromune®. Yang B1, Foley S1,2.


Peer reviewed publication:


BJU Int. 2017 Nov 23.


First experience in the UK of treating women with recurrent urinary tract infections with the bacterial vaccine Uromune®.


Yang B1, Foley S1,2.