T H E   U R O L O G Y   P A R T N E R S H I P   @   T H E   F O R B U R Y   C L I N I C

T H E   L E A D I N G   S P E C I A L I S E D   U R O L O G Y    P A R T N E R S H I P    F O R    P A T I E N T S    I N    B E R K S H I R E ,   L O N D O N   &  T H E   H O M E    C O U N T I E S    S I N C E   ' 0 2

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TEL:  0118 920 7040

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The Urology Partnership at The Forbury Clinic comprises six consultants, each with their own particular field of excellence. It was established in 2002 and is also known as The Reading Urology Partnership. The majority of consultations and diagnostic procedures are carried out in a large dedicated facility at 11 Kendrick Road, Reading, BERKSHIRE. Consultations are also available upon request at 10 Harley Street London, for some of the partnership.


All our consultants offer general urology services, but in an age of ever increasing complexity in modern medicine and surgery, each consultant concentrates on a specific area of urology, to ensure our delivery of first class care.


All consultations, out-patient diagnostic and specialised procedures are performed in a relaxed and pleasant environment.  


THE FORBURY CLINIC, has 3 premises:

11 Kendrick Road, Reading, Berkshire

23 Craven Road, Reading Berkshire

10 Harley Street, London.  

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All in-patient and day-case general anaesthetic theatre work is carried out at Berkshire Independent Hospital, or The Princess Grace Hospital, London.


The Berkshire Independent Hospital and The Princess Grace Hospital both have an extensive range of medical and surgical services including modern well-equipped operating theatres, as well as the latest Holmium Laser equipment and Da Vinci robot (PGH only).

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With many years of clinical expertise between them, each consultant in the Partnership is an expert in their sub-specialist area.



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W I N S T O N    C H U R C H I L L

To make an appointment please use the ONLINE FORM or use the contact details below:



0118 920 7040



0118 920 7041



[email protected]



11, Kendrick Road, Reading, Berkshire


(NB Primary site of work and location of admin & nursing team)





Daily appointments:

11 Kendrick Road, Reading, Berkshire


Weekly appointments:

10 Harley Street, London


Just call us and we will let you know all our  available times.


Please note that most specialist diagnostics and treatments are currently only available at our Kendrick Road specialist centre in Reading, Berkshire.

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10 Harley Street London -

short-term meter parking in local streets,

free after 6.30pm


11 Kendrick Road & 23 Craven Road, Reading





10 Harley Street London -

Nearest Tube stations are Oxford Circus (Victoria, Bakerloo and Central Lines)

and Bond Street (Central and Jubilee Lines)


11 Kendrick Road, Reading



23 Craven Road, Reading





10 Harley Street London - John Lewis Oxford Street Stop (6,8,13,15,23,73,135,137,139 & 189)


11 Kendrick Road, Reading 21/21a (Claret)

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All our consultants practise medicine to the highest standard, whilst offering a comprehensive general urology service.  


All six consultants hold substantive appointments at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust Hospital in Reading, Berkshire.


At 10 Harley Street parking is free after 6.30pm. The nearest Tube Station in Oxford Circus.


At 11 Kendrick Road, Berkshire, there is ample free parking throughout office hours and are on the main 21/21a bus route from Reading town centre,  or a short distance from Reading station.


The Urology Partnership also has a team of 3 Specialist Urology Nurses, a specialist health care assistant, and a specialist physiotherapist.


We also have a practice manager, two highly experience medical secretaries and a highly experienced billing / finance team on hand to guide you through the nuances of medical insurance.


We have a strong belief that excellent urological care is best delivered by a team of complementary specialists, supported by a dedicated and caring team of nursing and administrative staff.

COVID-19/Coronovirus Update:


We can confirm that The Urology Partnership & The Forbury Clinic continue to offer fast access consultations and specialists tests during this CV-19 pandemic, in a safe and low-footfall enviroment. We offer initial telephone consultantions, and will plan specialist investigations in a timely manner, to keep our patients safe.